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Welcome to the UCplus Language Centre Copenhagen

UCplus Language Centre Copenhagen offers Danish lessons with a job and study mindset. We offer all of the Danish Ministry of Education’s Danish courses (DU1, DU2, and DU3) with flexible schedules, including daytime, evening and Saturday classes. We have classes at every level as well as turbo classes, special career classes and brush-up classes.

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We are located at several adresses in Copenhagen. Your location will depend on your level, schedule and availability.


Where Time
Nørregade 27, 1165 København K
Office only. Opening hours: 9.00-16.00
Nørregade 33, 2., 1165 København K
Morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday
Drejervej 17, st., 2400 København NV
Morning and afternoon
Nørregade 29-31, 1165 København K (Sankt Petri Skole)

Get ready for PD3 or Studieprøven

Sign up for our special classes designed to get you ready for PD3 or Studieprøven. Classes start 14 January 2019. Sign up now and get ready for the exams in May and June 2019.


The cost of registering for a module on the official Danish Language Training programme is DKK. 2000. This is due to the new legislation regarding the new user fee implemented on 1 July 2018.

The user fee covers lessons on an entire module, materials, personal contact to your teacher, access to our online site and a free module test. You will be tested when you are ready.

furthermore you must poay a deposit of DKK 1,250 when signing up for the Danish Language Training Programme. The deposit is fully refunded when you wish to stop your Danish education.

Why should I switch language centre?

There are a number of reasons to choose UCplus. We have several years of experience and we are specialised in Danish lessons with a job and study mindset.

However, we would like to emphasise the following reasons.

1. Before your first lessons you will be contacted by your teacher, who will be your contact person. You can always reach out to your teacher with questions or if you need help.
2. As a part of our business network, we will invite you to presentations, business visits and workshops.
3. We are approved to perform the official Danish language training programme: DU1, DU2 and DU3. This means that you will receive a diploma for each passed module test and have documentation for your obtained level of Danish.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to pay for Danish lessons?

A user fee of DKK 2,000 will be charged per module for anyone registering for a module on the Danish language training programme.

The user fee was implemented due to  new legislation. The new rule regarding the user fee was implemented on 1 July 2018. That means that even if you started your Danish education before July 2018, every registration for a new module after July 2018 requires a user fee.

Who has to pay a deposit?

The deposit was introduced on 1 July 2017. However, all students who started their Danish education before 1 July 2017 are exempt from paying a deposit.

If you started after 1 July 2017, however, you must pay a DKK 1250 deposit. The deposit will be fully refunded once you end your Danish education.

If you wish to switch to UCplus Language Centre Copenhagen, you will get your deposit back from your current language centre. Once you start at UCplus, you must pay us the deposit. See also this infographic about the deposit.

Where is the language centre in Copenhagen located?
How do I get a spot in a UCplus course?
Fill out the form here. We will contact you as soon as we have more information about classes, schedules, locations, etc.

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We only use your data to apply for the Danish education in your municipality. We do not share your information with other parties besides your municipality and you are always free to unsubscribe. 

You can read our full privacy policy HERE. 


Do you have an outstanding deposit from the old language schools in Copenhagen?

Did you attend one of the three former language schools in Copenhagen (Københavns Sprogcenter, IA Sprog or Studieskolen), and do they still lack to return your deposit? The Municipality of Copenhagen has decided that all former students at the three language schools can now claim their deposits back.

UCplus Centre for Danskuddannelse – Danish lessons with a job and study mindset

UCplus Centre for Danskuddannelse is ministry approved and offers the official Danish Language Training Programme (DU1, DU2, DU3) . We are also approved to conduct the official tests:

  • Prøve i dansk
  • Medborgerskabsprøve
  • Indfødsretsprøven

We are ISO-certified and a member of the The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)