Cookie policy

UCplus makes use of cookies, pixels and tags (henceforth referred to collectively as ‘cookies’) on this website. By using the website you consent to UCplus makes use of cookies as described below, unless you have declined the use of cookies in your web browser. You can read about how to decline the use of cookies in the paragraph ‘how to avoid and delete cookies’.

The use of cookies may entail the processing of personal data, and as such we recommend that you read out read our personal data policy (a new personal data policy is in the works)

What are cookies?

Cookies are small information units which a website can place on your computer’s hard disk drive, smartphone or other electronic device which has the facility for storage (memory). Cookies contain information which the website can use to increase the efficiency of communication between you and your web browser. Cookies are a standard piece of technology on the internet and are used on this website.

There are two basic types of cookie: “temporary” cookies and “permanent” cookies. The temporary cookies are linked to ongoing visits to the website and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. The permanent cookies will, by contrast, be stored on your device. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a given period of time, but will be renewed each time you visit the website.


UCplus makes use of Google’s “analytics” cookies, which, together with our web server’s log files, make it possible for us to identify unique but anonymous users. These cookies are able to calculate the total number of people who visit UCplus’ website, the date and time of a user’s visit to UCplus’ website, the pages a user has viewed, and the amount of time users spend on UCplus’ website.  We make use of cookies to establish a basis for optimising the traffic on and between websites. This data helps us to improve the content of the website, and the data may, in an aggregated form, be shared with business partners or third parties.

Advertising and user recognition across platforms

UCplus makes use of cookies supplied by Facebook. These cookies are used for the purpose of UCplus advertising directed at users of UCplus’ Facebook page, and for the purpose of recognition of such users and the devices the user uses to gain access to Facebook and UCplus’ website.

Third party websites and platforms

Your use of Facebook and its privacy practices is regulated by separate terms, conditions and policies for which UCplus is responsible. It is a good idea for you to review Facebook’s terms and conditions, where you will find further information concerning how data concerning you is used on its platforms and how you can edit settings for your personal data.

How do I avoid and delete cookies?

If you do not wish us to place or read cookies on your device, you have the option of declining cookies in your web browser, where you can select which cookies are allowed and which are blocked or deleted.

If you wish to remove the cookies are already present on your device, you can, if you use a PC and a more modern browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously.

If this keyboard shortcut does not work in your browser, you can consult the support page for the browser in question. You can find the support page for the most common browsers and a link to deletion of flash cookies here:

Deletion of cookies in Internet Explorer
Deletion of cookies in Mozilla Firefox
Deletion of cookies in Google Chrome
Deletion of cookies in Opera
Deletion of cookies in Safari 5.0
Deletion of Flash cookies

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?

Below you can see which cookies we use on the website and the purpose the various cookies serve:

Cookies Purpose Lifetime
Google Analytics (Permanent) Three Google Analytics tracking cookies are utilised. These are used for the purpose of investigating how the website is visited and for statistics documenting how users navigate on the website, etc. This information is sent in an anonymised form to the server. 30 minutes, 6 months and indefinately
Google Analytics (Temporary) These cookies reinforce the validity of the which statistics we take readings of. Deleted when the browser is closed.
Facebook Pixel This cookie is placed by Facebook. The Pixel enables UCplus to measure, optimised and build up an audience for advertising campaigns which are delivered on Facebook. The Pixel makes it possible for UCplus to see how our users switch between devices when they visit UCplus’ website and Facebook, such that UCplus’ Facebook advertising is seen by those users which are most likely to be interested in such advertisements. This is done by analysing what content a user has viewed and interacted with on UCplus’ website. For further information and settings for viewing advertisements, please visit If you wish to read more about Facebook Pixel, please visit: regarding Facebook Pixel, please refer to: Defined by Facebook