Important information about voucher, deposit and user fee concerning the Danish Language Education (DU)

Voucher – important information

Who receives a voucher?

Foreign citizens residing in Denmark who have received a CPR number and are

  • in employment;
  • studying;
  • accompanying spouses;
  • cross-border commuters from another EU/EEC country; or
  • au pairs

How do I get a voucher?

Shortly after having received your CPR number, your municipality will notify you of your rights to Danish Language Education. The information will be sent to your E-BOKS.

Your voucher will be valid for 5 years.


How do I apply my voucher?

Once you have registered for Danish Language Education at your language centre, the entry for the relevant module will automatically be activated.

The entry expires when you pass the corresponding module test and thereby complete the module. Your enrolment for the subsequent module activates a new entry.

How much time do I have per entry?

The duration of each entry increases according to the module level:  The higher number of module level, the more time is available for completing the module.

Once you have enrolled and we have received your user fee for a module, the corresponding entry is activated.

If you do not pass the module test before the entry expires, the following entry will be activated automatically.


What if I wish to take a break?

You have the option to take a break between two entries. However, we recommend that you take a module test before pausing. If you take a break during an active entry, it may have consequences for your entries towards the end of your Danish Language Education.

If you decide to take a break, please remember to inform our administration in order to record the break officially.

What happens if one of my entries expires?

Each entry represents plenty of time for completing the corresponding module. However, if you fail to pass the module test before the entry expires, you will have to apply the succeeding entry. Consequently, you risk not having sufficient entries towards the end of your Danish Language Education.

You have the option of paying the full expense per module (prices start from 5000 DKK per module, but varies in price from module to module), or you can choose preparatory adult education (FVU).

  • Module 1 (maximum 4 months)
  • Module 2 (maximum 5 months)
  • Module 3 (maximum 7 months)
  • Module 4 (maximum 8 months)
  • Module 5 (maximum 9 months)
  • Module 6 (maximum 9 months)

Deposit – important information

When do I have to pay a deposit?

Before starting your Danish Language Education, you must pay a DKK 1,250 deposit.

When you sign up, UCplus submits your application for Danish Language Education to your municipality. Once it has been processed, we will ask you to pay the deposit.

As soon as we receive your deposit, we can place you in a suitable class, and you can begin your education.

You pay ONE deposit only. If you wish to continue your Danish Language Education, we transfer your deposit to the succeeding module.

How do I get my deposit back?

When you have completed or stopped your Danish Language Education, your deposit will be returned to you.

We do not recommend it, but in case you choose to stop your Danish Language Education during a module, then please make sure to contact us in order to get your deposit back.

Who is required to pay a deposit?

All students must pay the deposit. However, you are exempted from paying if you:

  • Receive cash benefits
  • Are under an integration programme
  • Are an au pair
  • Started your Danish Language Education prior to 1 July 2017, when the current deposit rule was implemented.

If in doubt, please feel free to contact our administration.

Attention: Do you have a pending deposit from one of the former language schools in Copenhagen?

If you attended one of the three former language schools in Copenhagen (Københavns Sprogcenter, IA Sprog or Studieskolen) and still have a pending deposit, then please fill out the form in order to get your refund.

User fee – important information


A user fee of DKK 2,000 will be charged per module of the Danish Language Education. Your municipality will cover the remaining cost, which is the reason why UCplus is obliged to submit your application for approval before you can commence.
How do I pay?

You can make your payment in either of the below ways:

  • Online payment. We accept several international credit cards.
  • Mobilepay: phone number (+45) 4487 0166 – When using Mobilepay remember to write the following details in the comment section: Name, birthday and what you are paying for.
  • Bank transfer:

From a Danish bank account: registration number 3100 and account number 16863971.
From an international bank account: IBAN DK6230000016863971 Swift/Bic DABADKKK.


What is covered by the user fee?

Your DKK 2,000 user fee covers all your lessons on the module. The duration of the modules varies, and so does the number of lessons within the individual modules.

Furthermore, the user fee covers materials, access to our online site and module test (even if you have to take more than one in order to pass).

The price includes:

  • Lessons throughout the entire module
  • Materials and online access
  • Module test(s) and official diplomas