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Studieprøven is the final examination on Danish Education 3, module 6.

Studieprøven consists of two parts –a written and an oral part. Attending Studieprøven for the first time requires that you register for both the written and the oral part (cost DKK 1666).

The written part of Studieprøven is held next time on 17th of May 2021.

Oral part of the examination is held from 14th-25th of June 2021.

If you do not pass both parts in first attempt, you can try again by retake the one part you did not pass. Therefore, the written and the oral part can be purchased separately. Cost pr. part: 833 DKK.

The examination is only held in Copenhagen.

Remember to bring valid photo ID.
Learn about the ID requirements here

Studieprøven is free of charge for students at UCplus who are enroled on module 3.6.

The registration deadline is 8th of March.

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